May 29

Let’s Hear it for Innovative Light Sentry

The Light Sentry is a simple, do-it-yourself indoor/outdoor lighting installation with the NaturalLight Sensor placed in an area of sunlight exposure and the Portable Power Gates plugged into any outlet, with the lamp or appliance plugged into the gate. Then, with the use of a PC or Mac computer, theLight Sentry Hub syncs user preferences and power gate commands. In a matter of minutes, the Light Sentry now customizes your “lightstyle” to meet your lifestyle needs.

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“Until now, lighting automation has offered small screens, smaller buttons, settings based on time, and remote control. In other words, a homeowner is being controlled by their lighting when it should be the other way around,” commented Bill Dorn, Founder, Sonne Industries. “The Light Sentry takes the hassle out of your smart home with never-before-seen convenience, patented protocol, and cutting-edge design. Our customers will have a sensible, smart home lighting control system while promoting more eco-friendly lifestyles.”

This product is the first-ever system to automate indoor and outdoor lights throughout your home or business by using levels of darkness, not just the time of day. The Light Sentry™ uses a NaturalLight Sensor to automatically power lights to desired intensity levels. The patented system adjusts to environmental conditions, seasonal variations and time for worry-free operation.
What if the life of a single light bulb could be extended by 75%? What if the draw on the local power grid could be reduced, or even more impressive, what if yearly electric bills could be reduced by half or more?

System Components

light sentry2

Light Sentry launches today on Kickstarter with an expected delivery at the end of November 2014. The funding goal is $200,000 with pledge levels ranging $5 – $10,000.

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